Keith Bayliss

Visual Artist

I am a Welshman and an artist born in Swansea, South Wales, U.K. in 1954. I seem to have had many lives, working for many years in a psychiatric hospital, teaching, Community Arts Officer for the City of Swansea and since 1991, a free-lance artist and artist in education. 

But throughout this time I have continued to make art.

I am a visual artist. My work is figurative and I hope expressive. I work in a variety of mediums, pencil and ink on paper, oil on canvas, relief printing and in the last few years small mixed media constructions. In my painting I work on a large scale, with figures almost life size. They inhabit a simple setting, the curve of a hill, a moon. They are single or in pairs, sometimes interacting, sometimes moving in opposite directions.  My most recent work consists of half life size figurative constructions in tissue.

Some of my most recent work from the exhibition Hortus Conclusus – The Enclosed Garden can be viewed at

I do hope you find the images cantained within this website of interest. Please feel free to comment. I welcome your opinions.

Keith Bayliss